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BPA - Brochure
If you would like a to order a Back Pack Angels shirt.

Please contact Jean Wagner.

Phone: (563) 528-3171

Email: blondiejj@aol.com
Back Pack Angels Monthly Bag Delivery
2016 2017
Total 6,239 Bags Delivered for 2016
2017 year to date: 6,892
Jan 606  Jul 353    Jan  627  July  404
Feb 568 Aug None   Feb 691 Aug None 
Mar 590 Sep 612   Mar 702 Sep  753
Apr 561 Oct 670   Apr
Oct  799
May 618 Nov 690   May 690  Nov  754
Jun 237 Dec 693   Jun 296 Dec  597
Upcoming Fundraiser Events:
   Perkins Restaurant & Bakery at S.Salford                  & 41  is giving us 10% of your
     purchase during September & October.
                "Are you hungry yet"!           
                    December 9th 
           Applebee's Flapjack Breakfest
             North Port Applebee's
             8:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m
North Port is so blessed to have such a caring community.  Children who are taught compassion for others become citizens who make our community strong.  Thank you for your help. 
 Please welcome our new Board Members:
 Myra Cooley              Secretary.
 Blaine Stoner            Co-Vice President
 Debbie McDowell       Advisory
 Kevin Rouse              Advisory
 Brandon Johnson      Advisory